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Security and Human Behavior 2009
June 11 - 12, 2009 at MIT.

Once again I was lucky enough to be invited to this year's Interdisciplinary Workshop on Security and Human Behavior at MIT this week. Organized by Alessandro Acquisti, Ross Anderson, and Bruce Schneier, the workshop aims to bring together an aggressively diverse group of researchers from perspectives in computing, psychology, economics, sociology, and philosophy. (I blogged about last year's workshop here.)

This is a small and informal event, with no published proceedings or other tangible record. But Bruce Schneier, Adam Shostack and Ross Anderson are liveblogging the sessions.

As with last year, I ended up making quick-and-dirty sound recordings of the sessions, which I'll put up here as I process them. (I apologize for the uneven audio quality; the recording conditions were hugely suboptimal. And I didn't know I'd was supposed to be doing this until five minutes before the first session, using a recorder and microphone I luckily happened to have in my backpack.)

Update 6/12/09 1745: All session audio is now online after the fold below.  

Thursday 6/11/09

  • Session 1 (0900-1030) – Deception
  • Dave Clark (session chair), Frank Stajano, David Livingstone Smith, Bruce Schneier, Dominic Johnson
    [.mp3 audio]
  • Session 2 (1100-1230) – Fraud
  • Julie Downs, Jean Camp, Matt Blaze, Jeffery Friedberg, Stuart Schechter, Tyler Moore
    [.mp3 audio]
  • Session 3 (1400-1530) – Usability
  • Andrew Patrick, Luke Church, Diana Smetters, Rob Reeder, Lorrie Cranor, Jon Callas
    [.mp3 audio]
  • Session 4 (1600-1730) – Methodology
  • Angela Sasse, Bashar Nuseibeh, James Pita, Markus Jakobsson, Rachel Greenstadt, Mike Roe
    [.mp3 audio]

Friday 6/12/09

  • Session 5 (0900-1030) – Foundations
  • Terence Taylor, Andrew Odlyzko, danah boyd, Mark Levine, Jeff MacKie-Mason, Joe Bonneau
    [.mp3 audio]
  • Session 6 (1100-1230) – Terror
  • Bill Burns, Chris Cocking, Richard John, Mark Stewart, John Adams, Dan Gardner
    [.mp3 audio]
  • Session 7 (1400-1530) – Privacy
  • Alessandro Acquisti, Adam Joinson, Peter Neumann, Eric Johnson, Christine Jolls, Andrew Adams
    [.mp3 audio]
  • Session 8 (1600-1730) – How do we fix the world?
  • David Mandel, Ross Anderson, Alma Whitten (audio omitted), John Mueller, Adam Shostack
    [.mp3 audio]

Technical note: All sound was recorded on a Nagra ARES-MII miniature digital recorder via an external Crown PZM boundary microphone, inside an almost completely anechoic meeting room at the MIT Stata Center.