Photos by Matt Blaze

These are some of my snapshots, unplanned photos whose technical quality ranges from dubious to clearly embarassing. Most are of very limited interest.

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Truck vs. Overpass, Philadelphia.

Platform 9 3/4, London.

Fake "Poem on the Underground", London, 2003.

Me, at Heathrow after a long flight,
wondering if I'm a member of the public.

(Collected images)
Hacker Tourism:
HF Marine Radio at Point Reyes, CA.

(Collected images)
Hacker Tourism:
Nike Missile Launching Area SF88L

(Collected images)
Sharpness of Nikon Telephoto Lenses
with Teleconverters and D2x camera

(Collected images)
Opening Session of USENIX 2005

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