Platform 9-3/4, King's Cross Station, London

February, 2003. King's Cross Station, London, UK. This sign has been there for at least a year or so, possibly longer (I only recently noticed it). It is located at the entrance to the annex trainshed (where platforms 9, 10 and 11 are) off platform 8 in the main station building and is not associated with any track or obvious boarding or assembly point. (Platform 9, which runs along the wall to the right just beyond the blue-framed entranceway, is subdivided into platforms "9a" and "9b".) The sign is made of wood and seems moderately weathered but not especially old; the screws holding it to the wall appear to be relatively new.

I'm told that a Platform 9-3/4 at King's Cross has significance in JK Rowling's famous Harry Potter book series; it isn't completely clear which came first and whether this sign was inspired by the books or the other way around. England is so full of curious and oddly worded (to my eye) signage (see, for example, this sign at Heathrow) that I could just as easily believe either explanation.

Image taken with a Nikon D-100 digital camera with the 17-35mm AF-S zoom lens, hand-held under available light.

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