Telescoping Mul-T-Lock Pin Stack

Telescoping Mul-T-Lock pin stack (exploded view). Top pins (top) contain an internal spring that pushes down the inner top pin; the outer pin is held down by a conventional spring (not shown). The inner and outer bottom pins are held down by the inner and outer upper pins, respectively. The inner bottom pin has a slight spool top that prevents it from passing out the end of the outer bottom pin. Master keying is done in the obvious way, with additional pin segments.

A variety of security pin arrangements are used. Some early models do not use any special security pins (except the inner bottom pin spool), but more recent samples use serrated top outer pins (as shown here). Occasionally, mushroom bottom outer pins are used as well. There do not appear to be any special security pins used for the inner top pins, at least in the (limited) samples I have examined.

Image taken with a Nikon D-100 digital camera with a Nikkor 85mm 1:2.8D tilt/shift macro lens (with Kenko extension tube). Lit by electronic flash and various reflectors.

Copyright © 2003 by Matt Blaze. All rights reserved. You may not copy, modify or use this image for any commercial or non-commercial purpose without permission.

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