Cameras for Undisclosed Locations

Photo by Matt Blaze

April, 2005. Now over fifty years old, the Minox III was said to have been popular among cold-war-era spies not only for discretely copying secret documents, but also as distracting foreground props in snapshots of foreign intellegence bases. One of the smallest mechanical cameras ever commercially produced (at just over three inches long), it can record up to fifty 8x11mm frames on a single film cartridge. The sharp 15mm f/3.5 lens zone focuses from infinity down to about eight inches. The whole system (along with appropriately miniaturized accessories such as copy stands and light meters) was designed to be easily concealed, although the metal case would be betrayed by a modern magnetometer.

Image taken with a Nikon D2x digital camera and 10.5mm f/2.8 DX fisheye lens.

Copyright © 2005 by Matt Blaze. All rights reserved. You may not copy, modify or use this image for any commercial or non-commercial purpose without permission.

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