Gitlitz Kosher Restaurant/Deli

Matt Blaze

27 April 2003

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Gitlitz sign
Figure 1. Gitlitz's Restaurant Sign.

Gitlitz location
Figure 2. Gitlitz's Restaurant location.

When the Duane-Reade Pharmacy at 77th and Broadway (NW corner) in Manhattan closed they took their sign with them, revealing an occupant from the era before chain stores and franchises had a significant presence in New York. Several passersby recalled that Gitlitz, a family-run kosher restaurant/deli, had been in business "forever," finally closing in the early 1970's. (Does anyone know more, or have photographs from when they were in business?)

Glimpses of little details like this of what the City once looked like often pop up as a side effect of construction and demolition. Their life expectancy is unpredictable and often quite short, however, so it's best to document them as soon as possible when they are noticed. These photos were taken on 25 April, 2003. The location is now a mobile phone shop.

Image taken with a Nikon D-100 digital camera with the 28mm PC shift lens, under available light.

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27 April 2003; revised 27 April 2003