Open-Source Cryptography Export Notice Archive

NOTE: This service has been temporaily suspended due to the "sobig" worm. I am not forwarding or archiving mail at this time; send your export reports directly to the government at and . Sorry for any inconvenience.

U.S. cryptography export rules were relaxed in January 2000, especially for freely-available software source code. Check out the CDT, EFF or EPIC sites for details, but basically you can now make open-source cryptography source code available on the web, provided that you send email to the Commerce Department export people telling them the URL. I maintain a publically-archived alias for this purpose; if you send your notice to, it will be automatically forwarded to the government (at but will also be archived at for all to see. (Older messages are archived at compressed in .gz format). Using the alias may help others find your software.

Note that the mail.txt url contains the raw text of each email message received (with new messages at the end of the file). Depending on your browser configuration, this might cause strange things to happen when you follow the link. To prevent executing random code that might appear in these mail messages, I suggest you turn off things like Java and Javascript before viewing the messages.

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